Vineyard Services

Vineyard Management

Drake Enterprises vision is to work closely with our growers to create premium quality wine grapes. Established in 1973, we are a full service company that handles all facets of your vineyard needs throughout the year. We have a full line of modern equipment from mowers, sprayers, pre-pruners, harvest equipment, lighting systems and irrigation monitoring systems. Our relationships with local wineries and vintners throughout the state have aided in our marketing position. Drake Enterprises has been a large contributor of CAWG to keep informed on State and Federal issues and to constantly stay up to date with the grape growing industry in California and throughout the Country. We follow the principals outlined in the Code of Sustainable Farming Practices.. Drake Enterprises techniques are recognized by the wineries and we are prideful of our reputation within the industry for the production of high quality fruit through the best practices.


Our Services Include:

  • Pruning: Pruning for a balanced vine.
  • Erosion Control: Erosion control plans/design and drainline systems
  • Brix samples: Measure sugar percentage of grapes to schedule harvest of grapes.
  • Suckering (shoots growing on the trunk region): Remove shoots growing from trunk region of vine.
  • Trellis System Repairs: Replace end posts, stakes, wire and connections.
  • Irrigation Management: Develop an irrigation management plan with the use of soil moisture monitoring devices to properly irrigate vines and use deficit irrigation practices when necessary.
  • Weed control, discing, mowing, and herbicides
  • Rodent Control: control rodent populations with the use of poison, bait traps and sustainably through the installation of barn owl boxes. Mildew Control: monitor mildew pressures with the use of the Adcon Weather Station and apply fungicides to vines as needed per the intervals required.
  • Mildew Control
  • Monitor pressures for mildew with Adcon Weather Station
  • Harvesting Grapes: we have all necessary equipment to coordinate the harvest and delivery of winegrapes.
  • Fertilizer and Compost Programs : Develop fertilizer and compost programs based on tissue analysis and plant needs.
  • Grape vine training: Train young vines on wire
  • Canopy Management: shoot removal and training to provide vine with good sun exposure, air movement, balance and fruit uniformity.
  • Pierce’s disease control measures: Imidaclopid applications to prevent the spread of Pierce’s Disease.
  • Backflow testing and repairs: Yearly backflow inspection to insure chemicals or particles from entering into District system.
  • Re-plant Vines: Removing dead or diseased vines and re-planting new vines on certified rootstock and clonal selections.

Vineyard Development

Drake Enterprises provides a full range of vineyard development services to our clients. These services include the following: 

  • Land Preparation: Grading work to rip, blend and float areas that will be planted to prepare ground for planting.
  • Vineyard Design and Layout
  • Surveying for control points and mapping vine locations.
  • Soils Survey: Soil mapping, analysis and preparation to provide information needed to determine if soil is appropriate for planting.
  • Varietal, Clonal and Rootstock Selection: Work with certified nurseries to select variety, clone and rootstock combinations that are appropriate for the area and marketable in the local region,.
  • Trellis System Design and Install: Design and install trellis systems for optimal quality, performance and durability. From Head Pruned to VSP to Open Lyre systems, we can design and install any system that will fit your need.
  • Irrigation System Design and Install: Based on layout of the vineyard, we will design an irrigation system that will handle the flows and pressures and needs of each vine. A filter, backflow device, block valves, pressure regulators and pressure compensating emitters will be used for uniform distribution of water.

Custom Services

Drake Enterprises provides a full range of vineyard consulting services to our clients. These services include the following:

  • Vineyard Nutrition: Leaf samples and soil samples to determine deficiencies and nutrient needs to provide a compost or fertilizer program that will benefit the quality and production of the vines.
  • Irrigation Analysis & Scheduling: Monitor irrigation systems, provide irrigation scheduling based on ET’s and tools we use to determine soil moisture and set templates to schedule appropriate timings and amounts of water needed.
  • Disease Identification: Work closely with PCA’s to identify diseases, threats and solutions to control or eradicate the pressure that is present.
  • Sustainable Farming Practices: Follow the guidelines established in the Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices self assessment workbook to implement practices to be good stewards to the land, community and environment.
  • Financial Decisions: Develop financial strategies to optimize the economic impact and success of your project keeping in mind that a sustainable vineyard needs to be economically sustainable.
  • Wine grape brokering: We have the proper licenses needed to market grape crops throughout the U.S.